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Vinyl Plank Flooring in the Bedroom

29th August 2016   |  Love & Renovations

You guys! I am so excited! We did it! There is no more carpet in our bedroom and I cannot even formulate a sentence enthusiastic enough to tell you how thrilled I am. I do a little happy dance every single time I walk into my room and see the clean, beautiful flooring and I can’t get over what a big difference it makes. The room looks and feels abo... READ MORE

How Sweden recycles 99 percent of its waste

29th August 2016   |  INHABITAT

Sweden is already an environmental leader with its electric roads and plans to be 100% fossil fuel-free by 2050, but they’re not stopping there. The trailblazing Scandinavian nation also recycles 99 percent of its waste, with only a measly 1 percent going to landfills. A process called waste-to-energy generates sustainable electricity from the coun... READ MORE

Deadly lightning strike kills 323 reindeer in Norway

29th August 2016   |  INHABITAT

Over 300 reindeer were killed last Friday in what might be the deadliest lightning strike in known history. The animals, including 70 calves, were found in the southern part of Norway where thousands of wild reindeer migrate each year. Speculation persists that the reason so many were killed is because they would have huddled together out of fear o... READ MORE

The 2017 IKEA Catalog: Items iHeart!

29th August 2016   |  IHeart Organizing

It has become an annual tradition around here to celebrate the arrival of something very special. My page flags are ready, my coffee mug is full and my pencil is sharpened... It is time to review IKEA's annual catalog!Although I am trying to break away from too much IKEA in our home, it is still an annual guilty pleasure to dive head first into the... READ MORE

A Community-Centric Apartment Complex on the Staten Island Waterfront

29th August 2016   | - Interior Design...

With Ironstate Development Company’s Urby Staten Island project, “they had to go big or go home,” according to a local resident quoted in the New York Times.  This community-centric apartment complex feels like part of a grand plan with its urban garden and communal kitchen.  These unique amenities target modern urban dwellers by promoting sustaina... READ MORE

Scientists discover an enormous, hidden reef behind the Great Barrier Reef

29th August 2016   |  INHABITAT

New laser data from the Royal Australian Navy has revealed a massive reef behind the rapidly dying Great Barrier Reef. Giant fields of circular, donut-shaped mounds, between 200 and 300 meters in diameter, are created by a type of green algae. Unfortunately, this reef is likely facing the same threats as the neighboring Great Barrier Reef. A collab... READ MORE

Decorative wall plate for NEST smart thermostat

29th August 2016   |  IKEA Hackers

I felt that the Nest thermostat looked kind of bare on the wall alone, and there is a trim plate that comes with it but I felt it had no visual style. So I was on a quest to find a wall plate for it but there is a very limited amount (very few) and I also found myself not liking the few styles out there for sale online. I went to IKEA and purchased... READ MORE

Start your week off right: Elegant interiors with historic drama

29th August 2016   |  decorology

I grew up in an early nineteenth century telescope house on the eastern shore of Maryland, so I LOVE homes with old bones and details that only existed when we had time for details.  The interiors below evoke the same nostalgia for me.  Enjoy!That ceiling with those herringbone floors and green walls?!Definitely Mediterranean.  The doors of Spain a... READ MORE

KALLAX Drawer Conversion

29th August 2016   |  IKEA Hackers

IKEA items used: KALLAX Drawer Insert 2 x KALLAX extra shelves 1 x pack UTRUSTA So I don’t know if this is a hack, maybe more of a modification… After sadly and reluctantly waving goodbye to our Bestä Bürs DVD cabinets, we needed somewhere we could put the little bits and pieces that lived in there alongside the DVD’s (keys, wallets etc). We didn’t... READ MORE

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